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Your Yawning Dog Isn’t Tired — She Just Loves You!

Empathy. It’s that amazing gift that allows us to feel for others — and, I’d argue, one of the essential qualities needed to write compelling fiction. But is empathy limited, as many scientists have long argued, only to human beings … Continue reading

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Womanly Wednesday – Science Shows Women Actually Do Prefer Pink

Like many girls, I loved the color pink when I was growing up. Unlike many girls, I had parents who sort of rolled their eyes about my love for rosy hues, as they lectured me on the way society conditioned … Continue reading

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Male Moment Monday – Sex Differences in Eyesight

We know men and women look different from each other, but did you know we actually see differently, too? Men are much more likely than women to be colorblind — something you might have guessed by, you know, seeing the … Continue reading

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