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Hi! My name’s Alisa. I write for a living. Books and screenplays, mostly. I’m a USA Today and NY Times bestselling author. I used to write on staff for the LA Times and Boston Globe, and am convinced daily news is a great training ground for all sorts of writing. I’ve gotten some awards for writing, and have a master’s in journalism from Columbia University. I love playing with words and my goal with this blog is to help you love it just a little bit more, too. I try to post free writing advice every week. If you’d like more specific coaching for your own writing, you can hire me for that too, and we can do it over the phone or through Skype. Just send me your contact information in an email with COACHING in the subject line and we’ll figure it out. alisa.valdes@gmail.com


10 Responses to About Me

  1. Margaret Hefner says:

    Glad to read your stories/blog/ramblings online again! Can’t wait for the new books!

  2. Angela creamer says:

    Alisa, I am the Head Librarian for the Estancia Public Library. We’re neighbors and I didnt even know it! i would like to invite you to visit our library. We are located an hour southwest of Albuquerque. We love love to have you speak at a group[ meeting and inspire a group of young and old to presue their dreams in writing. Please call or email me at acreamer@townofestancia.com or 505 384 9655. Thank you. Angela Creamer

  3. Alyssa Moreno says:

    Hi, Im doing a thing where i write to an author and i was wondering if i can have a publshing address or Maybe yours ?
    its for my school i am in 9th grade
    Pleasee help mee

  4. Dearest Alisa,
    I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting on this blog entry, but I just finished reading Lauren’s Saints of Dirty Faith, and absolutely LOVED it! I’m writing because I’m one of your biggest fans, and I also work for Blizzard Entertainment. When I read your mention of World of Warcraft in the book, I completely flipped! I thought: “Wow, I wonder if Alisa plays World of Warcraft?”
    Do you have an email where I might be able to contact you? I look forward to hearing from you!
    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Ana Luisa Mota

  5. Jess says:

    YOU WROTE THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB?!?!???? I read that at the ripe old age of 14- it was in my English teacher’s bookshelf. I was a displaced New Mexican, and found comfort in the Sucias. I can’t believe I stumbled upon the blog of an author that left such a lasting impression on me!! I don’t mean to fangirl, but that’s just so exciting for me! You are a beautiful writer, and as a twenty something that’s been involved with a few cowboys myself, I can definitely relate.

  6. DTravis says:

    Wondering circustances around how you met cowboy and how that went. As a woman also raised to “take care of yourself so you don’t have to depend on anyone else,” I’ve experienced and read enough to realize how scary that is to men who’s basic God given purpose it is to feel needed. How did he get past that….

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