The New Novel from Alisa Valdes is Now Out From VEE Books!

Find out why readers agree this is my best book yet!

Find out why readers agree this is my best book yet!

Coronado Prep student Maria Ochoa, 16, is near death after crashing her car on an isolated stretch of NM Highway 14 during a freak blizzard. When the only person who shows up to help her is a teen gangbanger named Demetrio Vigil, Maria fears she’s doomed, until the young man miraculously heals her nearly fatal wounds with nothing but the warmth radiating from his hands. Maria is grateful for the help, and seeks to thank Demetrio by returning to the tiny ghost town of Golden, New Mexico, where he said he lives, to find him and give him a gift. What she discovers about Demetrio along the way, however, not only defies logic and belief, but puts Maria’s very life in terrible danger.

A fast-paced, thrilling supernatural love story like none you’ve ever seen before. A great read for teens and parents alike. Find out why readers say THE TEMPTATION OF DEMETRIO VIGIL might be my best book yet! Just $2.99 for the e-book!

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About mizvaldes

Alisa Valdes is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of commercial women’s fiction and young adult novels, short stories and memoir. She has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia, is a Pulitzer-nominated, award-winning former staff writer for the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times, and an Emmy-winning former TV reporter for WHDH-TV. Alisa has written and sold pilot scripts to Nickelodeon, NBC, and Lifetime Television. She lives in New Mexico.
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